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Jaclyn Jezik

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I am absolutely thrilled you've stopped by my virtual home! That's me, Jaclyn. I'm the boss lady and artist behind One Twenty Two, a photography studio focusing on modern portraiture. And before you ask, "Why the name One Twenty Two?" Simple. Its my lucky number.

What should you know about me? I’m a mom, an avocado lover, an avid coffee drinker, a sustainable living guru and a huge St. Louis Blues fan. I am one serious lady when it comes to my craft but I also don’t take myself too seriously! I strive to be a breath of fresh air for all of my clients by taking an authentic and heartfelt approach with every project. Kids of all ages are my jam! I have to admit that I have a bit of a habit in forming great relationships with people. If you're thinking that you already have enough friends, stop scrolling now!!

As for my shooting style, I am NOT a posey “look into the camera” photographer - - if that’s what you’re looking for we may not be a good fit and that is totally okay! I believe in creating something tangible for the intangible. For that fleeting moment that faded before it began. Whether its a photograph of welcoming your sweet newborn home for the first time or tromping through the fields with your cartwheel-crazed five year old, I want everything that passes through my hands to tell a story. And of course, to have fun while doing it!

If you haven't already, make yourself comfortable and browse around the site. There's lots of good stuff to discover. When you're ready, hit the contact button and let me know how I can help you. I might just be that breath of fresh air you've been looking for!



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Working with Jaclyn is like working with someone who has known me a lifetime. She knows how to capture the perfect moments that I will forever cherish. I love working with her because I truly feel like she knows exactly what I want without even having to ask for it!