Incredible sunset + gorgeous meadow + an adorable St. Louis family

THIS family. Does it get much cuter? Seriously. Give me all the curly hair, summer dresses and sun flair!

When people ask what my photography style is my answer is simple: I want to capture a family like I would like my own family to be captured. That is a simple yet layered answer. Because in order to make that happen, as a photographer you have to know a few definites. Like how big is the family and what are the ages of the kids. The second part is knowing a bit about the family’s personality. Like are they laid back? Do they hate bugs?…. you laugh but if that answer were a big YES for this family, then this session would have totally had to happen at a different location! Once I compile all that info and we have the session planned, my job as a St. Louis family photographer is to harness the light, have fun with the families and artistically capture the love. Please see below photos as Exhibit A.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed getting these guys in front of the camera!


xoxo - Jaclyn

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