St. Louis Wildflower Portraits

Can you believe that summer is half way over?!? WOAH! Let’s keep those summertime vibes flying high! For a limited time only, grab a gorgeous, petite Wildflower Session! These are truly like a St. Louis midsummer night’s dream. What I love about these kinds of sessions is that they are a great compliment to family sessions taken at other times during the year. This is a setting that can’t be offered during any other season. Book one of your sweet, 30 minute, weekday sessions soon because these beauties are only in bloom through mid-late August. Start time will be just before sunset.

E-mail me for availability and special pricing info. Get ready to surround yourself in something beautiful!

xoxo -Jaclyn

EDITED TO ADD :: Sorry, if you missed these because they were awesome! Check back again in 2020!